PHOTOTAO > An experience of Oneness

As the global consciousness goes through an undeniable metamorphosis, it all starts with the transformation of each individual.  Photo Tao is a practice that lets you experience this shift. It is a method that allows us to connect to other dimensions beyond what we normally see and feel. It is an expression of that expansion.

We live in a four-dimensional world of width, height, depth and time. The camera is a tool that allows us to alter one of these elements, time, in order to access another reality that is always present but beyond limited perception.

The process begins with some basic breath work. As we get still and let go, our mind quiets, our intuition whispers, and we attune with the surrounding environment. Our intuition is enhanced and our inner guidance leads us.  We become closer to our own true nature as we immerse ourselves in the opportunity to directly experience interconnectivity.

We let the experience guide us. No judgment, no wanting, no wishing. Simply BEING. All images are created on camera at the moment of releasing the shutter. No computer manipulation is applied. The images are simply how Existence shows up the moment you begin to dance with It.

Each person witnesses in their own terms the images captured in their cameras. They get to see and experience something beyond our limited perception. The layers in our images show us a world beyond our own. Each individual begins  to experience  something bigger than themselves. As they progress, the experience allows them to align themselves with the Universal forces that guide us in the journey of life.

In this moment, we begin to truly consider the possibility of other dimensions. The conversation has opened up. The sense of inquiry is now in motion: What is real? Is it what I see with my eyes, or is it what the camera is capturing? Or, is it something else?

"When our intention is pure, our heart is open, and our intuition cultivated, the Universal Energy Flow can reveal itself through us in ways our mind cannot imagine. "

− Jorge L. Torres

"This is when we are closer to our core, one in harmony with the Existence. "

− Jorge L. Torres

"One where the Tao simply flows."

− Jorge L. Torres