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The Photo Tao class is designed to open the innate creativity we all have within. By connecting to the Universal Energy Flow and allowing ourselves the space to see the beauty in all things, we realize our true nature and our incredible capacity  to create.

The students re-discover their own creative potential, they see, hear and feel the energy within themselves and the energy all around us.

We use a combination of tasting, grounding and breathing techniques. We connect to Mother Earth, to ourselves and allow the power of all these energies to come forth and reveal themselves.

We use the camera as a tool that allows us to access instantly our own unique creativity. We teach how to paint the strokes of life with the camera.

We provide an environment to enhance all our senses. The students receive the experience to hear, feel, smell, taste and see from a wholesome place, a place with no wishes, wants or likes. From here we connect to the amazing beauty and joy in life. The beauty present in all, in everything, including those things we believe to be unattractive.

Students learn to see this beauty, how to capture it on camera, and how to express it to the world. When we share this experience, we contribute to the awareness of our kind as conscious Beings in this planet.

"No computer manipulation is applied."

− Jorge L. Torres

"The images are simply how Existence shows up the moment you begin to dance with It."

− Jorge L. Torres