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Private Classes start with a personal evaluation phone call with the instructor in order to get familiar with the student’s level and to learn the student’s goals for the class. From here, a program is designed specific to you, and a path is created for you to grow from.

All sessions are designed to be taken sequentially. All students begin with Session #1 and move up from there. It takes about 3 hours to cover a single session.

You can register to one single session at a time, or purchase a discount package. It generally takes more than one session to “flow with the Tao,” however the number of lessons the student chooses to take depends on the initial level of experience, and on how deep a student wants to go into the Tao. The private lesson time is preferably spent practicing the Tao and the flow.

It’s important to understand that Photo Tao is not purely photographic instruction, but rather a class where we rediscover who we are and our relationship to the All around us. Our creative potential is unleashed and we realize how joyful it is to be able to co-create with Existence.

No meditation experience is necessary and no previous knowledge of photography is required.


A camera with manual controls is preferred. If a student has no camera, or if their camera is fully automatic and they would like a camera with manual controls, we can arrange rentals . Consult with the instructor during your evaluation.